I really love music, and I really love listening to music. Not only do I enjoy putting on a favorite recording (or discovering a new one), I particularly enjoy hearing a live band doing their thing. You don’t have to be famous or on some big concert stage for me to appreciate what you’re doing at a gig. I have heard some amazing musicians at local bars and smaller venues. I have had the pleasure of being involved with lots of music that I’ve been proud of, and I don’t take playing gigs for granted — regardless of the genre and the type of gig being played.

Going out means different things to many of us, and I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to be with their friends, catching up and having fun. I can always see that there are certain people in any audience who are really listening. I love that. That’s what I tend to do when I go out. It’s hard for me to treat music as background entertainment or even as noise. I want to check out what the guitarist is doing; what kind of phrasing the vocalist is using; how the drummer approaches this groove or that style — and how they come together as a unit. The band can be locals; semi-professional; or pros — I’m going to be listening and giving back the energy that they’re putting out.

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