I recently read an article about the ten most overrated drummers. The author and the link will not be published here for the following reasons:

I prefer to look for traits in drummers, musicians, and people (in general) that draw me to them. What can I learn from someone? What is this person saying to me that is special? What did this musician bring to this band and/or project? Why is this guy one of the most recorded drummers ever? My experience tells me that by leaving myself open I will be able to draw my own conclusions. I usually end up with a more profound respect for just about everyone after really listening to them. This holds true whether I’m in conversation or musically — which is (to me) a conversation, as well.

There are too many great things to hear to make lists like this worthwhile to me.

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  • Red Drum Music Studios Posted August 16, 2017 1:06 am

    I understand your sentiment, maybe the author was just wanting to pull traffic to his/her site since top 10 or list posts are very popular on Google searches.

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