Sound Clips

Drum Lessons Council Rock School District, PA

Yamaha Phoenix (PHX) drums with two Weckl snare drums.

“Sweep The Floor” by Rich Reno. Here’s the first recording on my new gear. This is an instrumental bluesy thing done live as a trio.
Sweep The Floor

“This Is It” by Jared Johnson
This is a demo Jared and I did before my upgrade. It’s a fusion thing in 15/8 – this is the introduction to the tune.
This Is It

“Luz, Amor Y Vida” from Janine Santana’s “Soft As Granite”
This is the end of Richie Cole’s sax solo.
Luz Amor Y Vida

“Payin’ My Dues” from Bad Brad and The Fats Featuring Nic Clark and their debut recording “Eyes on the Prize”
Brad is a fairly young guy, but sings and plays the blues like he’s been doing it for fifty or sixty years.
I can’t wait to hear him as he matures.
Payin’ My Dues

“Backburner” by Bad Brad and The Fat Cats Featuring Nic Clark
Here’s an uptempo swing tune where Nic plays some great harp stuff.

“Wood Place Ubiquity Music” from Janine Santana’s “Soft As Granite”
This is the montuno section.
Wood Place Ubiquity Music – Montuno section

“All of You” – Doug Roche Trio
Doug Roche – piano, Ron Bland – bass
This is a classic tune done by a jazz piano trio.
All of You

“Just A Little Bit”
“The Closers” cover Rosco Gordon’s classic R&B song. This is the intro and first verse.
Just A Little Bit

Here is another nice recording from Janine Santana’s CD “Soft As Granite.”
“Walking Man” by James Taylor has sort of a pop reggae feel to it.
Walking Man

“Brigas Nunca Mais” covered by Robert Deutsch (Brazilian Jazz)
This is a standard Brazilian tune that I had the pleasure to record with Rob, who is inspired by Pat Metheny (among others). This is the last chorus of the melody followed by a drum solo. The drums finish soloing and it turns into a big percussion jam. The drum set and tamborim (played by Brazilian percussionist Valchino) are the only acoustic instruments playing at that point with the drum set fading out. I programmed and played all the percussion parts live (one at a time) via my drumKAT. There wasn’t any quantizing or anything like that. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun!
Brigas Nunca Mais

“Sonny Meets Floyd” recorded in my basement (again, before my upgrade). Jared and I laid down the bass and drum tracks together and then Jared went back and added sax.
This track tries for a not settled groove — on purpose.
Sonny Meets Floyd

This is Eef’s guitar solo from “Be My Man” from her “Life Without You” CD. She’s got some soul.
Be My Man

Doug Roche’s piano solo is featured on the tune called “Peri’s Scope.”
Ron Bland (on bass) is swingin’ hard!
Peri’s Scope

Here is the “Doug Roche Trio” recorded live in Doug’s studio.
The tune is “Voyage” and starts with eight bars of drums.

After playing at CBGB’s in NYC, the sound engineer couldn’t stop saying nice things about “Handel.”
“Where The Path Ends” shows more of the pop/rock side of that group.
Where The Path Ends

“Tempa and the Tantrums” and our take of the old school soul tune “Rockin Chair.”
Recorded live at The Walnut Room in Denver.
Rockin Chair

“Tonight’s the Night” is a fun Zydeco groove from “Tempa and the Tantrums.”
Tonight’s the Night

Here is Bad Brad doing what he does best —playing over a slow blues.
“I’d Like to Stay”
I’d Like To Stay

Here is an early incarnation of “The Mighty Jivesters” doing “Stop Breaking Down.”
This is a funky rhumba with some great harp playing by AC.
Stop Breaking Down

Here is a hard driving swingin’ shuffle of “Empty Arms” from “The Closers”
Empty Arms

Here is the one and only “T-Bone Shuffle” being played by “The Closers” with Erik Boa on guitar.
The reverse shuffle (also known as “the flat tire”) is a fun groove for me to play!
T-Bone Shuffle

“Icarus” performed by “Signel-Z”
This is a Ralph Towner composition taken from the classic Paul Winter Consort album by the same name. I had the good fortune of working with Ralph Towner with a Jazz/New Age ensemble “Ananda.”

“Who’s to Say” is by Taylor Marvin and taken from the CD “Hello My Name is Taylor Marvin.”

Who’s to Say

Here is a funky version of Thelonious Monk’s “Well You Needn’t” performed by “Signel-Z.”
Well You Needn’t