“You got a good beat, man!”
    —  Joe Zawinul

“PG! Perennial Groove!!!”
    — Skip Hadden; Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music

“Your beat is fat!”
    —  Ronnie Fruge

“You sure have a great rhythm section right here!”
    — Boo Mitchell, engineer at Willie Mitchell’s Royal Recording Studio, Memphis, TN, when listening to tracks Peter recorded for Eef’s CD, “Life without You.” (Willie Mitchell’s is the studio where Al Green recorded most of his albums, and is known for the creation of the “Memphis sound.”)

“Peter’s drumming is fantastic…always elegant and creative.”
    — Janine Santana; Soft As Granite

“…great to work with, supportive, positive and always prepared. In short,a pro — and a helluva nice guy, too!”
     — Lannie Garrett

“Peter’s musicality and feel enhance the sound of everyone I’ve heard him play with. If I were starting over, I’d study with him.”
    — Dave Marvin; Yamaha Performing Artist
        Vic Firth Education Team; Evans Drum Heads; Zildjian Cymbals; Rocky Mountain Percussion Association Hall of Fame;
        WGI Percussion Hall of Fame

“Peter Gregory was already burning when we were going to school together in the 80’s at Berklee College of Music. Subsequently, we played often in NYC in the 90’s and he was only getting better and better. A truly great teacher in my opinion has to be a great player, a great communicator and a great human being. This last trait is sometimes missing in otherwise very good teachers. Peter Gregory possesses all the traits of a great teacher and that’s why anyone would be lucky to study with him or play a gig with him.”
    — Jody Espina – President
        JodyJazz Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces

“Just did a Delta Sonics gig with Peter Gregory on drums… he drove the bus, felt the pulse, and laid down a deep groove.”
    — Al Chesis of The Delta Sonics

“Given the choice, I’d play with Peter on every song, in every venue, no matter what. He makes me sound better on everything I play.”
    — Taylor Marvin; Guitarist/Performing Artist

“Peter is a consummate professional, with a dedication to the groove and an ear for dynamics. He makes my job as a guitarist fun and easy – all I have to do is hit one note to sound good with Peter in the rhythm section.”
    — Jasco

“Peter doesn’t play the beat, he becomes the beat.”
    — Charlie Smith; lead trumpet with The Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra

“You are one FANTASTIC drummer.”
    — Edd Catfish Kray

“Peter has a great emotional understanding of the rhythmic dynamics of modern music.”
    — Marc Bilker

“As a well-versed drummer, Peter never gets in the way, keeps the grooves going, and then knows just when to kick it in! I LOVE to listen/watch him play!”
    — Kathy Marvin; Yamaha Performing Artist
Vic Firth Education Team; Rocky Mountain Percussion Association Hall of Fame