Peter Gregory

professional drummer | drum instructor
Drum Lessons in Upper Makefield Township, PA and Drum Lessons near Hamilton, NJ

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Top Notch
  By Boborama — October, 2017

The studio is top notch but what really makes the experience great is that Peter works to understand what you want to accomplish and then guides you on the path of discovery. It’s almost more of a partnership than teacher/student relationship as you work together to hone your chops. And oh yeah – his enthusiasm is contagious. Regardless of your age or skill level, you’ll come away from every session a better drummer.

Great Patience
  By John T. — October, 2017

I was taking lessons at a studio that was pretty much antiquated, zero technology. I searched around and found Pete. After meeting him and taking a lesson it was obvious he had the knowledge, was a great teacher and even more important a great person. The state of the art studio and pro drum sets are great. There are two drum sets and Pete plays along during the lesson. His studio in his basement is new, and has all of the latest technology that is out there. No worries about having to go to a strip mall, try to park, and deal with all of the traffic. Plenty of parking in a safe neighborhood, and parents can sit in a waiting room and observe/listen. I am an older drummer who got back into it after a long layoff. Pete has had great patience teaching me. I highly recommend if you’re looking to make a switch to another drum teacher, to set up an initial session and give Pete a chance. You wont regret it!!!

First Rate!
  By Sherri Riccardi — October, 2017

Peter offers private lessons and is very flexible with his scheduling. He’s very knowledgeable with all types of music and is very relatable with his students. His studio is first rate!

Recommend to Anyone
  By Colleen Sopcak — October, 2017

We came to Peter a few months ago. Our 14 year old son had taken drum lessons at another facility for about 4 years and showed no signs of progress or interest. Peter just clicked with him. Our son practices more and truly enjoys his lessons. The studio is absolutely fabulous. Peter is so relaxed and just an all around nice person. Always willing to give insights and help. The way he teaches by incorporating the basics along with learning songs is a plus for our son. I am so glad we found him. I recommend Peter to anyone who even mentions drums. You won’t be sorry if you take lessons with him.

Good Luck Charm
  By Susan Kubes — September, 2017

Since my son, Nic Kubes, became associated with Peter Gregory and Gregory Tech Drum Center he has advanced as a drummer, musician and a person. We first met Peter in Denver in 2014 and in the past few years through Peter’s recommendations and connections, Nic won the role of a drummer in a video campaign for Colorado Public Health and Environment’s “Protect What’s Next” campaign. Peter recently connected us with a Drum Set competition through PAS (Percussive Arts Society) and Nic came in 2nd Place in the Youth Division (16 and Under). I like to say Peter Gregory is our good luck charm but it’s not luck, rather credit to great instruction and years of experience connecting students and opportunities.

His facility in Denver was one of a kind and state of the art which allows the student to work alongside on their own kit and get real time, hands on instruction. Then afterwards because of the high technology audio and video recording you can view the lesson and work on areas he highlights to improve your play. Knowing how he rolls, I’m sure he has set up an even better equipped studio in Yardley, PA.

So I highly recommend that any drummer, of any level “Rush don’t Drag” to work with Peter Gregory. I’m sure his lesson openings will fill up quickly and his personal availability will be limited with playing out as a professional musician. I’m just sorry that he isn’t still in Denver but our loss is your gain.

  By Robin — April, 2016

So when a friend of mine asked me to learn to play the drums and be her drummer in an all-girl Journey cover band I said – why not! Impending empty-nester-hood leaves me with visions of having all kinds of time and a too quiet house, so I went on a Google hunt and found the Gregory Tech Drum Center. How cool is this! My first lesson, I go in, there is an entire drum kit for me, and Peter has his drum kit and he says “let’s play!” I have learned so much in just a few months. When I first got to play with some of the other ladies in the band – the first thing they said to me was “You must have a great teacher!” They are so right ~ Peter is the best! Very professional, comfortable and fun – and I get a video/audio CD of every lesson so I can go back and review which has been a lifesaver more times than not! I don’t think there is anyone else out there that offers such a comprehensive package. Peter is way cool, so kind and an excellent teacher. It’s also been really fun to go see him play at some of his gigs ~ he is an awesome drummer!

  By Jenn Cummings — May, 2015

I got very lucky when I found Peter. I had been playing (more like flailing) for a while, but wasn’t really making any progress and consequently wasn’t really having any fun.

Peter was able to recognize and correct the many things that were preventing me from moving forward including: correct way to hold drum sticks, how to sit at the kit, use of base drum, and every other important foundation skill essential to a drummer. Every lesson is taught on a real drum kit and recorded on DVD so you are able to review throughout the week.

The old saying does NOT apply here: “Those who can’t play teach” – Peter is a rare find as he is an amazing instructor as well as a phenomenal drummer.

If you want to learn how to play the proper way and have fun while learning, look no further.

Peter Rocks!
  By Seth Vanderlinden — April, 2015

Peter Gregory is a most excellent teacher and an even better drummer. To begin with he is very flexible with his scheduling and easy to work with. His studio is professional, elaborate and really contributes to the learning. Peter is full of musical knowledge and is great at structuring his lessons to improve each individual student’s needs. He is great at identifing areas where his students might need more development, and can show multiple ways of doing so. Learning from Peter was easy and fun, and I can say I’m a much better drummer from having taken lessons from him. Besides his exceptional teaching abilities, Peter is a rocking drummer! He is fluent in many styles and as a drummer in training, it was inspiring to watch him play. I highly recommend Peter to anyone seeking to better themselves as a musician.

Musical Goals
  By Christopher Nelsen — April, 2014

For an aspiring drummer it is important to find a teacher that is great at the art of drumming but also knows how to pass this on to others. This sounds simple enough but it’s not that easy to come by. So finding Peter is a fortunate opportunity. Peter is an inspiring teacher to study with. He’s always engaged in the process of getting me closer to my musical goals. Yes he has a great studio with all the bells and whistles which are very helpful. But mainly he knows the path that he has traveled to get where he is and Peter is committed to guiding his students along that road as well.

Drum Videos
  By Alex Simpson — April, 2014

I had the privilege of working with Peter to film some drumming videos recently and I couldn’t be happier with both the final result and the process of creating them with him. It isn’t only the top-notch equipment and reasonable fees that makes Gregory Tech one of the best places around, it is Peter’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion that makes his studio the most inviting and comfortable place to work that you can imagine. Whether you’re a drummer looking to learn or to record, you will find what you need and much more at Gregory Drum Tech.

Ultimate Pro
  By Franco — August, 2013

Peter Gregory is the ultimate professional. He’s one of the best drummers I’ve ever played with!  I can highly recommend anyone to attend Gregory Tech Drum Center. You will learn from someone who has played at a very high level and can play many styles. You won’t be disappointed!

  By Lisa — July, 2013

I took the 7 year old I mentor to Peter to expose her to the drums and some new music. We weren’t sure if she would be too young or not but Peter was willing to give it a try. She’s very shy meeting new people but Peter got her out of her shell and she was playing and having fun in no time.

She was especially excited when Peter pulled up a Justin Bieber video on YouTube (her choice!) and showed her some simple beats to play along with his song. Since he records all sessions, she was able to take a DVD of her rock star moment home and show her family – something I think she will cherish for a long time.

She was pretty quiet in the lesson (just taking it all in), but as soon as we were done and walking to the car, I didn’t hear the end of how much fun she had and how she want to come back and eventually join a band!

Having taken lessons myself from Peter, I knew he was a great teacher, but now I know how great he is with kids as well and recommend him to anyone who’s ever had the slightest desire to find their inner rock star!

  By Larry — March, 2013

Peter shows great dedication to helping his students get the most out of their drumming education. He excels as a teacher, has a state-of-the-art, high tech studio, provides a DVD of each lesson (in case you forget a part or want to review something closely). He has clearly put in the time to become a great drummer and a great teacher. I recommend him highly.


  By Craig — Feb, 2013

After 30 years I wanted to return to playing drums and happened to meet Peter at a student concert my son was participating in (Peter was part of the backup band.) I was rusty so had to basically start from the beginning. Peter, an extraordinarily talented musician, had the patience to match his teaching style with my abilities. He understood my reluctance to “put myself out there” and worked with me to boost my confidence behind the kit. As I progress and have gotten my touch back (such as it is), he has been able to detect the direction in which his instruction needed to go and always keeps things interesting. He is able to adapt to my ever changing curiosities for what I want to play or try, and does not push me into some specific methodology, musical style or textbook-ish path. He loves playing and wants his students to love it, too. His studio is a technical marvel and he’s got everything you need except your own diligence, practice and patience with yourself. I can guarantee that whether you are a beginner, seasoned drummer, jazz player, rock player or just want to find out what it’s all about, you will not find a better teacher in the area. At the very least, if you are even thinking about it, sign up for the introductory lesson(s). You won’t regret it.

Excellent Teacher!
  By Tristan — March, 2011

Peter has been teaching my 10-year-old son for over a year now. He has been nothing but helpful to us regarding scheduling, selecting equipment, maintaining equipment, and learning the ins and outs of owning drums. Peter is a fantastic teacher who focuses on technique, theory and playing for the feel and fun of it! On top of all of that, Peter has been excellent at finding just the right approach for my son’s personality. He has been a great teacher and mentor and my son is ALWAYS excited for his lessons. I would highly recommend Peter as a drum teacher!

Sophisticated and Innovative!
  By Jerry — March, 2011
This is the most sophisticated and innovative drum teaching studio I’ve ever seen and Peter is a true
pro – versed in a huge variety of styles and tons of teaching experience. You won’t be disappointed!

Wonderful Teacher!
  By Martha  – July, 2010
Peter has taught my son for several years and has done a great job with engaging my son with music. He has taught him to value the rewards of mastering drum technique. My son also learned to appreciate the huge variety of venues for the drums and for percussion in general. I have heard from more than one drummer, that Peter Gregory is a master drummer, truly a drummer’s drummer. I highly recommend Peter for any level of instruction.

Focused, Well Rounded, and Fun
  By Graham — June, 2010
Over the past few years I have been fortunate enough to study at Berklee College of Music, with Gregg Bissonette, and many other great teachers. After moving to Denver I was looking for a new teacher to study with and found Peter. Immediately after walking into his teaching studio I felt right at home. The lessons were well paced, fun, and most importantly very educational. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone at any level looking for a drum instructor, he is the real deal!

Excellent Experience – Top Notch
  By Josh — April, 2010
Peter has a professional facility in a very safe and convenient part of town. Quality equipment with state-of-the-art technology. All I could imagine that you would need for your lessons. Peter was very professional and friendly and the lessons were priced very reasonably. I have been playing drums on and off for about 12 years but had no formal training. My skills went through a total transformation in only a couple of sessions. I was very impressed. Highly recommended for any skill level, well at least up to mine, I guess I can’t honestly say what would be good for someone with more experience than I. But I bet he has what it takes!

  By Vlad — April, 2010
So you come in and think: “Ok, I’m gonna get a drum lesson” and BAM! in four months you’re on a stage with a bunch of jerks playing music for our friends at the Buffalo Rose in Golden. Its not easy being a rock star I must warn you, and it does tend to happen to this guy’s students. Peter’s been playing for about 40 years and he had time to think about the drums as an instrument. There are many ways to learn an instrument, but by taking classes with Peter you will know what you are doing as a drummer, you will learn to think as a musician, and you will discover a wide array of techniques that Peter has discovered through 40 years of experimentation. He’s a fun a guy, I would recommend him to all skill levels and all ages. Peter seems to be particularly wonderful with children. Kids will have fun, learn discipline and attentiveness, and will grow tremendously through experiencing music, which is so shamefully left out of school. So if you’ve read this far, I recommend you go for it. First lesson is free, and you won’t be disappointed.

From our mailbox

  By Kim Bell — June, 2016
All my lessons with Peter were very inspiring, rich and deep. Peter has a way of teaching that’s so natural and fun. He also has the depth and knowledge needed to excel your playing, build or rebuild as in my case your foundation so that you’re strong. His ability to fine tune every piece and part of your technique is incredible. He has taken me to an entirely new level and I feel confident again to play professionally after being away from music for a while as well as start teaching again myself. He’s the best teacher I’ve had and he truly understands how to teach. The possibilities are endless on how far you want to go with your playing. The sky’s the limit with Peter, he is truly Stellar!

  By Harry — October, 2010
I will always be grateful for all the love and support you showed me when I was at Juilliard. Thank you so much for teaching this inner city youth how to read music and play with proper technique.

Confidence Builder
  By Beverly — August, 2010
I was so impressed as I watched you work with my grandson. I am a retired teacher, so I know good teaching methods when I see them. You used positive reinforcement and encouragement to help him to improve. Even your comments of correction were done in a way to develop confidence. Thank you for being a good teacher.