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Peter Gregory | professional drummer | workshop coach
Jazz Workshop in Bucks County, PA

Play Jazz

Learn jazz standards — Gregory Tech is now offering 10-week jazz workshops for instrumentalists and vocalists in Yardley, PA. Come and experience the joy of making music with others, as well as performing for an audience!

Jazz groups are forming now: all levels from beginning to advanced.

Workshop 1 (Mondays, 7-9pm) is well under way.
There will be two more sessions, and then there will be a performance at the studio!

Workshop 2 started December 5th, 12:45-2:45pm.

Workshop 3 started December 14th, 7-9pm.

There is room for guitar and/or keyboards; melody instruments — brass (trumpet, trombone); saxophone; clarinet and/or vocals.

I am a firm believer that playing music with others is an essential part of learning and experiencing the joy of music making. Unfortunately, finding other musicians to jam with can be difficult, if not downright impossible. This workshop takes that hassle out of the equation. We won’t simply be jamming — we will concentrate on learning how to listen, interact, and engage in a musical dialog playing jazz standards within a group setting. Original jazz compositions are encouraged, as well. Bring your own tunes and hear them interpreted by the group!


Players can be anyone looking to play jazz — older “students” looking to get back to the instrument they played years ago; high school students; young professionals — really anyone who is willing to commit to showing up weekly, working on assigned tunes, and having fun! Please see Requirements below.

Yamaha, Hartke

Weighted keyboard, Hartke bass amp, Yamaha drums

The Studio

  • Brand new and spacious: 1,100 sq. ft.
  • Clean and bright
  • Climate-controlled
  • Professional drum set:
    Yamaha Live Oak Custom | Zildjian | Sabian
  • Pro bass amp: Hartke KickBack 12
  • Two solid-state guitar amps:
    Fender Deluxe 112 & Fender Mustang II
  • New Yamaha P-115 digital piano:
    88 key weighted keyboard
  • Sound system: JBL Eon’s
  • Acoustically treated room
  • Professional video and audio recording capabilities: Final Cut Pro X | ProTools | nice microphone selection

In short, this is a great environment meant to inspire everyone with the goal of making music!


All musicians enrolled in this workshop should be currently working on their respective instruments outside of this workshop — either studying on their own or (preferably) with a teacher. Everyone will be required to demonstrate a basic understanding of rhythm and some harmony/theory, as well as the ability to read music. All instrumentalists except drummers are required to have a basic understanding of chord structure and chord scales. However, if you are new to this, you will be grouped with others at a similar level. The ability to read music is preferred. Informal “auditions” will be scheduled with the goal of placing you with others of similar ability.

  • Drummers need to be able to play a Jazz swing groove; Bossa nova; Jazz waltz; and swing and ballad styles with brushes; and read basic music notation. An elementary understanding of harmony/theory is preferred, but not required.
  • Bassists need to be able to “walk” through chord changes.
  • Melodic players (wind and brass instruments): the ability to transpose is a big plus.
  • Vocalists will be encouraged to bring their favorite jazz standards to the workshop. It would be ideal if they already know their key for a particular song; however, that is a skill this workshop can help them develop.

Groups are structured according to level of ability and experience. This is the place to start putting it all together with a group of like-minded musicians with jazz as our focal point. Again, if you are new to this, you will be grouped with others at a similar level.

Workshops meet for 10 consecutive weeks. At the end of each 10-week session, the group presents a concert!

Yamaha drums and Jazz at Gregory Tech

Yamaha drums for Jazz Workshop


Check out the Jazz Workshop FAQs for more information.

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About Peter Gregory

A Denver native, Peter trained at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied with Joe Hunt, Skip Hadden, and Alan Dawson. A year after his Berklee education, he moved to New York City. Peter has the academic chops to back up his innate sense of rhythm and passion for performance. Peter is well-versed in all contemporary and traditional styles of music, and is as comfortable drumming in quiet trio settings as he is driving a big band.

Peter has been teaching drums since 1985. In addition to teaching privately, from 1991 to 2000 he was a percussion instructor at The Juilliard School with the Music Advancement Program (MAP), a program dedicated to bringing music to inner-city children.

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