I have been asked what we do at Gregory Tech Drum Center. There are a few things going on over here:

  • High-tech drum lessons — two pro drum sets side-by-side, video cameras, flat screen monitors, headphones — all recorded live into Final Cut Pro X. The students get a video recording of every lesson;
  • Recently, I started offering Jazz Workshops. I have one well under way, two more starting next week, and a fourth one almost ready. These get recorded live, as well;
  • Remote drum tracks for anyone, anywhere — Toft console; Lynx A/D converters; ProTools 12 Native; a nice assortment of microphones;
  • Online drum lessons;
  • Drum instructional videos — posted on my website. Some will be complimentary, and others will be for a fee;
  • Jam sessions;
  • Rehearsals;
  • Record entire bands — however, I’m not set up with isolation booths and all that (yet);
  • There is a space upstairs with an acoustic piano and I have the capability to record in that space, as well. My wife, Abigail Chapman, is a singer and I’m looking forward to recording her with a chamber ensemble and/or a baroque ensemble in that space. That space would also work well for a jazz trio recording.

Mainly, it’s my play room. And, I am grateful to have such a fun place to make music and continue doing what I do!

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