Well, I’m a little late on this one — April is National Jazz Appreciation Month (a/k/a “JAM”). Please search out jazz in your area, and support live music.

I was “late” to jazz — I didn’t hear it growing up, and found John Coltrane and Miles Davis after first hearing The Mahavishnu Orchestra and The New Tony Williams Lifetime. That’s OK — I was curious to know with whom Tony Williams played before Lifetime, and that led me to Miles… which led me to Coltrane.. which led me to… you get the idea. I started to explore and understand what came before. This is a never-ending process, and continues to this day. 

I am also trying to stay open to what is coming up down the road — what is out there that is “new” today? It may be a case of “who is new?”, rather than “what is new?” — again, they are connected to what has come before. It does seem, to me, that the more I go in the past then the “new” stuff doesn’t always sound too far out there. Either way, I enjoy listening and appreciate it all.

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